Music School - Swindon

Workshops, tuition and personal development through music & sound

Training, workshops & tuition

We offer a range of top quality educational opportunities to suit your individual needs, we consistently deliver exactly what you need, often more than asked for. 

BOOKINGS: workshops or training programmes, please check for availablility. We can provide one off introductory sessions or full programmes for upto 10 students per session. CONTACT US NOW to find out more. 

Professional Services

With more than 30yrs experience within the music industry, we can offer professional, music related services from Sound & Recording to events and entertainment. 

MUSIC SAMPLES: Multi-talented, James Eddings who runs Music School - Swindon, writes, plays and records his own work. To hear some of his personal work as a musician check out some of the work he shares on SOUNDCLOUD, JANGO and REVERBNATION

Young and older people alike are inspired by good musicianship. The key to this ancient art lies in crafty listening skills and the interpretation of nonverbal commands, which is a part of the music making experience. James Fitzgerald Eddings, through Innersound Creative Development which is based in Swindon, offers a range of music workshops and projects which develop creative expression, improvisation, communication, listening and participation with the ultimate aim of helping people to move forward in their lives. Sessions can:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Help individuals cope with anger, fear, sadness, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorders
  • Promote self-reflection, heightened awareness, relaxation and inspiration.
  • Work towards building positive self esteem and personal image

Using a flexible approach to learning and individually designed personalised learning programmes, James creates a safe environment where individuals begin to gain a respect for music and can express their attidudes and conditions. Sessions cater to the sharing of creative ideas and opinions. A clear understanding of personal goals can be shared by all parties and reflection time includes the sharing of musical compositions and creative accomplishments.